Rocket VPN - iOS

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My Role:
UX Research, User Flows, Wireframes, protoypt, UI Design, Documentation, Testing and QA
Mobile Design

Rocket VPN iOS

iOS Mobile App - Unblock websites & games, stay anonymous & protect your privacy

Main Screen
Browser View
3D touch / Widget

The challenge was to design the app for iOS platform, applying the iOS best practices of usability patterns, feel and look, while keeping consistency of the app functionality and UI style, across the Android and Apple phones

Account View
Downloads View
Browser Favorites / Empty View

Promoting Rocket VPN on a browser

The best way to drive app download, is to promote it in the right time. The idea here is to promote RVPN once a geographical restricted page discovered, offering a solution for the user to unblock this page.

Project Image

The Result

Ad clicks went over 30%


"Functional animation is subtle animation that has a clear, logical purpose. It reduces cognitive load, prevents change blindness and establish a better recall in spatial relationships. But there is one more thing. Animation brings user interface to life."
by Nick Babich

Browser Fan Menu
Pull to refresh
Browser full screen mode
Browser tab switch
Browser tab dismiss
Browser swipe tab to dismiss

Rocket VPN iPad Layout

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