Rocket VPN - Android

Liquidum Apps.
My Role:
UX Research, User Flows, Wireframes, protoypt, UI Design, Documentation, Testing and QA
Mobile Design,
Feature Image

Rocket VPN Main Screen

Android Mobile App - Unblock websites & games, stay anonymous & protect your privacy

VPN apps, in general, are a single view app, with on/off switch, my goal is to come up with more features and content that would extends the users session time, to support the free users, and adds more value to the app, which will encourge free users to convert to paid ones.

Main Screen Re-Design

The main screen needed to be re-designed, the objective was to increase the in-app purchase.

Project Image

The Result

15% increase in sales for Rocket VPN APP

Launcher Announcement and onboarding

The launcher feature, was used to launch favorited apps through a VPN connection, to ensure security and unblock restricted content.

Rocket Browser

These are the main views for the mini browser offered by Rocket VPN android app.

Browser Announcement
Browser View
Browser Empty State


Rocket VPN Store
Browser Upgrade Banner
Flash Offer